Refugees need advocates who will come alongside them, welcome them into the community, help them build the confidence they need to speak up and reach out, and create friendships that foster assimilation so that individuals on both sides begin to see themselves as more alike than different.

What We Do


Indy Internationals Refugee Services seeks to educate the community about the complexity of the refugee crisis through presentations, newsletters, and social media. SIGN UP for more information.


We're calling on our neighbors to join us as we advocate for refugees. Let us share in more detail about what we do and how you can make a direct impact on refugees.


Our team of volunteers is on a mission to welcome refugees through hospitality and community-building. There is a place for everyone who wants to join us!

What Can You Do?

Donate Supplies

Conversation Clubs are a hands-on approach to teaching English for everyday use. Help us make English tangible by providing teaching supplies for Conversation Clubs. Email our Director for a current list of needs (

Join Conversation Club

English students need native speakers to engage with each week. No foreign language or teaching experience required! Simply come and participate with a diverse group of international residents at a local apartment community.

Build Bridges

Beyond the classroom, meet with refugees for a meal, a ball game, or a playdate with their kids.


As you learn about refugees and their needs, be an advocate. Share with your school, church, or social group. Invite others into this important work.