If you are an international student who wants to get the most out of your experience in Indianapolis, please consider a homestay through Indy Internationals. We want to place you in a good home so you can fully experience the best of American culture.

There are many benefits of an Indy Internationals homestay: a private bedroom in a good home, all utilities paid, meals, constant opportunities to interact with English speakers, training to prepare you to be a great homestay (and host's will be trained also), and most importantly a family that will love you.

An Indy Internationals homestay is more than just a home away from home.

If you are a student coming to Indianapolis (or are already here) and you are interested in a homestay, please fill out the form below and we will send you detailed information.

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Date to Begin Homestay
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Indy Internationals is very deliberate in selecting both students and host families. We strive to make the best possible matches. Therefore, Indy Internationals does not guarantee placement for every applicant. This online form is simply the beginning of the process of finding a suitable match, if possible.